Stainless Steel Char-Broil Gas Grill, Electric Ignition

Propane 4 Burner N480

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Char-Broil Propane Gas Grill Four 12K BTU burners and 480 square inches of cooking surface give this mid-range grill plenty of cooking capacity, but some corners have been cut in the build of the chassis. The cabinet and other exterior parts are a mix of stainless steel and painted steel, so a little more maintenance will be required, including touching up any nicks and scratches with heat resistant paint.

For the home chef who doesn't mind taking care of his tools, this can be a good choice, since Char-Broil sells nearly every piece of this grill as a replacement part. If you have an off season, it will make good sense to store this grill out of the weather when it's not in use.

The generous extra space of the warming grid adds over 200 square inches of slow cooking area to the grill, and the trap door style side burner gives even more cooking options, with a griddle and enclosure for the extra burner available as an additional purchase. Electronic ignition is standard, and the grill hood has a built-in cooking thermometer that will cut down on wasted heat from too many peeks at the food.

The Char-Broil may not have as many extras as some grills of equal size, but the fundamentals are sound with individually controlled burners and heat distribution plates that will help eliminate cold spots and focus the heat where you need it.

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