Chef Bobby Flay Grills For President Barack Obama

Posted by Sharon on Jun 21

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ObamaAt first, fans of celebrity chef Bobby Flay may have been disappointed to learn that he was not going to be a featured guest at the Food & Wine Classic on Friday in Aspen, Colorado (as was originally scheduled).

However, once they learned the reason behind his disappearance, they were more than excited for Flay's impromptu, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: grilling up a classy-yet-casual Father's Day event for the President of the United States.

On Friday, Bobby Flay was seen with President Barack Obama grilling steaks, barbecued chicken, and corn on the cob on the lawn of the White House, giving him several grilling tips throughout the event. While Flay gave Obama props for already knowing not to constantly flip the steaks on the grill, he joked with the President when he tried to sneak a peek at the steaks while they were cooking. Those who were present say that the two talked and bantered like they had been friends for quite some time.

Some sources report that Flay also grilled up some presidential-quality hamburgers for the event -- which Flay quickly dismissed as being merely rumors.

On the following Saturday, he flew back to Aspen where he hosted a cooking demonstration and shared about his experiences cooking for the President.

Obama had hosted Friday's Father's Day event to help encourage and inspire young men in the area to become good fathers, many of whom were invited to the event. Also at the event were NBA stars Dwyane Wade and Alonzo Mourning as well as corporate executives from Morehouse College and Motorola.


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