Chef Gordon Ramsay Apologizes For Australian Media Feud

Posted by Sharon on Jun 11

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gordon-ramsay-tracy-grimshawOn Wednesday, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay issued an apology to Australia's Nine network and TV interviewer Tracy Grimshaw for his appalling series of outbursts and sexist images last weekend. He confessed his actions were that of a "petulant teenager."

Last Friday, Ramsay was interviewed by Grimshaw on the Nine network's "A Current Affair," a network that also broadcasts the chef's programs "Hell's Kitchen" and "Kitchen Nightmares." Even his comments during the actual interview were not professional as he asked Grimshaw about her appearance: "Is that a wart? It looks like your little sister's on your lip."

But on the following Saturday at Melbourne's Good Food & Wine Show, Ramsay let loose with a string of off-color rants about their conversation, eventually comparing Tracy Grimshaw to a pig.

This week, Grimshaw fought back with additional TV and radio interviews. Even Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was on board, calling Ramsay a "lowlife" for his actions.

Ramsay then said he was "mortified" at how far the situation had come, and issued an apology. However, Ramsay's apology isn't stopping the drama.

During his apology interview, Ramsay stated that his mother, Helen Cosgrove, had called to berate him about his behavior, and "when [that] happens, of course, you start to get the picture." But Helen denies allegations that she called her son to order him to apologize. She says she only knew about the Australian media feud from the newspapers, and in fact hasn't spoken to Ramsay at all about the situation.

"I haven't spoken to Gordon since the weekend. He calls me every Saturday for a chat. But I certainly didn't tell him off about what he did in Australia... I won't be speaking to him until this Saturday," Helen stated in a British press interview yesterday.

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