Chef Gordon Ramsay Busted For Ready-Made Restaurant Fare

Posted by Sharon on Apr 17

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foxtrot-oscarName the author of this quote: "Using fresh ingredients is the only way to guarantee a great taste!"

If you guessed Chef Gordon Ramsay, you would be correct. The above statement was made during an interview in 2007 by the infamous Ramsey, a chef who believes it is a crime not to use fresh food.

But the latest reports concerning one restaurant and three gastropubs owned by Ramsay unveiled a shocking revelation: Ramsey himself authorizes ready-made food to be prepared and served in his London establishments. His restaurant Foxtrot Oscar in Chelsea employs a factory in south London where cuisine ingredients are prepared, cooked, and sealed in plastic bags. After arriving at the restaurant, the food is boiled in the bag and then sold to patrons.

Defending his actions, Ramsay points out that his kitchen facilities are inadequate to prepare meals to his ideal standards. His spokesperson stated in an interview yesterday that the factory's kitchen facilities are used only to supply his restaurants that have limited cooking space.

It was also revealed to the public that these same boil-in-the-bag dishes are being sold to customers for up to six times the actual cost of production. For example, fishcake portions which only cost £1.92 to make end up costing diners £11.25!

Food critics have deemed Ramsay's actions as hypocritical, and have given his central food prep kitchen supplier a rating of "average to poor."

Source: Irish Independent

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