Chef Gordon Ramsay No Longer Listed On UK’s “Rich List”

Posted by on Apr 27

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ramsay-oliver-rich-listAccording to a news publication from The Times due to release in full tomorrow, Chef Gordon Ramsay is no longer among the UK's richest people. However, this news comes coupled with the addition of Chef Jamie Oliver to 2009's list due to his current net worth of over $82 billion.

The past 6-12 months have been an unfortunate series of events for Ramsay. His company was fined for submitting its accounting records too late. Studies revealed that his restaurants were using ready-made food (a technique expressly verboten in Ramsay's own words) at exorbitant profits. Additionally, his father-in-law who owns nineteen of his dining establishments worldwide was reported to have filed for bankruptcy earlier in his own career, back in 1993.

As if his professional woes weren't trying enough, reports show that his personal life has taken quite a toll during that time frame as well. He was accused of having had an affair for seven years, and had to deal with the resignation of his esteemed PR Gary Farrow. Not to mention his near-death experience filming in Iceland.

But his official spokesperson assured the press on Sunday that Gordon Ramsay was not at all concerned by his missing presence on the Rich List. He said, "Gordon is totally relaxed and unconcerned about such unscientific league tables and is perfectly happy that his businesses in all areas are doing very well."

While this is unsettling news nonetheless for Ramsay, it means quite the opposite for Chef Jamie Oliver, whose recent G20 Summit catering gig and family addition have garnered him some well-earned praise. In either case, both chefs are unlikely to throw in the towel anytime soon, and that's good news no matter which celebrity chef you favor.

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