Chef Mario Batali On The Road Again

Posted by on Apr 9

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batali-paltrow-spainFans and patrons of American Chef Mario Batali may want access to the Asian Food Network on Astro in a week or so, if they don't have it already.

Chef Batali has just finished shooting a new TV series entitled "Spain... On the Road Again." He hopes that it will be different than other food and cooking shows currently on the air. While food is the central theme of the show, cultural experiences occur throughout and add texture to each episode.

Along with Mario Batali, the cast of "Spain... On the Road Again" includes New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman and Spanish actress Claudia Bassols, as well as world-famous A-lister Gwyneth Paltrow. Surprisingly, Paltrow was the one who asked to be a part of the show, instead of receiving a request from the producers. Both Paltrow and Batali spent parts of their childhood in Spain, and learned "how to eat and drink there," according to Mario.

And if the show is successful, it won't be ending with Spain. Batali has hopeful plans to continue the series by shooting different seasons in Italy, Croatia, South America, and Southeast Asia.

Look for Mario Batali's "Spain... On the Road Again" to premiere on April 14 exclusively on the Asian Food Network.

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