Chef Tyler Florence: Educating the palate from an early age

Posted by Sharon on Mar 16

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Sprout Baby FoodCelebrity chef Tyler Florence already has a lot of accomplishments under his belt. He has successfully maneuvered the New York restaurant industry and spent 14 years on The Food Network, hosting shows such as Food 911 and Tyler's Ultimate.

His most recent achievement is a breath of fresh air for families everywhere-- debuting his new line of SPROUT organic baby food. It seems his hope is to prepare healthy and nourishing purees that infants will actually enjoy eating.

In yesterday's interview with the Dallas Observer, Florence described how he facilitates this process. He mentioned that it was a lot easier than he was expecting it to be, since the infants that taste-test the food become accustomed to a healthier diet from the get-go. Developing a palate for organic, nutritious food seems to become a learned ability.

"You know, you feed infants tasteless mush and they rush to French fries or anything with taste the first time they try it. But if you educate the palate from the very beginning, you don't battle toddlers who won't eat carrots, teenagers who want junk," Florence stated.

But this is true for most of us, isn't it? If you've trained your palate on healthy foods as well, you've likely experienced the same thing. You were probably craving fast food and sweets especially during the beginning of the diet, but as your new food practices started to form into genuine habits you didn't miss the old food as much. And when you decided to treat yourself to a tasty, juicy, greasy, fatty bacon cheeseburger after a while, it just didn't taste as satisfying, and may have made you feel worse physically. Any of this sounding familiar?

Training the palate from an early age might be the preferable (and easier) way to go. But it's never too late to change old habits. Your body will love you for it, no matter your age.

Source: Dallas Observer

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