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BBQ Grill Stainless Steel 18 Piece

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Chefmaster Barbecue Tool Set This eighteen piece stainless steel barbecue tool set is very lightly made, with handles of uncertainly fitting steel tubing that is very difficult to thoroughly clean. Although this is a versatile assortment, with everything from forks and spatulas to skewers and grips for corn on the cob, it's not likely to see more than a season of use without real problems.

Some of the items, like the basting brush and grill scraper/brush, are genuinely short lived and you'd expect to replace them fairly often, but the more important tools like spatula and carving set deserved more thought. The set looks cheap, with the best feature being the stainless steel carrying case. You may want to keep it and replace the tools. Chefmaster offers other sets that may not be as shiny but are much more durable. Although these tools are described as "surgical stainless steel" that does not label them as high quality or stain free. Moisture will always be a problem, with this style of build.

Be careful of the handles if you plan shishkabobs or corn on the cob for your back yard meal, because these metal grips are very likely to be as hot as the food. Chefmaster does offer a lifetime warranty on this set, so hang onto that paperwork. You'll probably need it.

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