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Kitchen Blade Electric 320

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Chef's Choice Diamond Hone KnifeWhen a knife is too worn to touch up with a sharpening steel, many chefs turn to sharpening machines rather than stones. Out of curiosity I've tried many of them--they are usually inexpensive and promise to do a quick job without any mess. I've always so far found the results amazing--they don't work. The Chef's Choice 320 Diamond Hone has been created to prove me wrong.

The 320 is not the usual cheap sharpening gimmick. It's in an entirely different class, both in price and in quality. Follow the manual's precise directions and in only a few strokes you can restore the edges of nearly any knife, even a serrated edge blade. Spring loaded guides hold the knife at the proper angle for each stage of the two stage system. The first stage runs the edge past diamond impregnated sharpening wheels. No lubrication is necessary. The second stage uses special polymer wheels to strop and polish the blade to razor sharpness.

About three years ago I replaced my old carborundum kitchen stones with a diamond equivalent, and I've never missed the grit and the mess that seemed so out of place on a kitchen countertop. The 320 is an even cleaner method, requiring nothing more than cleaning out the tray about once a year. There won't be much in it even then, since this sharpening system maintains the edges of your favorite knives without removing much of the steel. The 320 is guaranteed not to damage the temper of your blades, and the machine itself is warranted for two years of household use.

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