Chef’s Choice Edgecraft Diamond Knife Sharpening Stone

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Chef's Choice Edgecraft Diamond KnifeThe Edgecraft Diamond Sharpening Stone from Chef's Choice has been designed as a single stone solution to knife sharpening. One general purpose grit is able to handle major edge restoration as well as put a finished cutting edge on a blade.

If you have fairly loose standards, that's true enough. Diamond stones cut quickly, so you can do major refurbishing with this stone, but it will take a little longer than the right stone for that job. You can put a good working edge on your blades with this stone also, but you can improve on that with finer grit stones or honing steels. Many will want to go just a little farther with edge maintenance than this stone will take them. The Edgecraft Diamond Stone will get your knives to that level quickly, though, and since it has many other good features it's a good stone to consider.

The 2" x 6" surface of diamond impregnated steel is nearly a permanent grinding surface. I say nearly because I'm fairly sure I could wear one out in a lifetime of use. It might take longer, but I'd get close. The wooden stand and cover keep the surface clean of dust and dirt that can at least partially foul the stone; although it can be used dry I'd recommend wetting it with plain water and rinsing it off carefully, otherwise you may see bumps of steel shavings collect now and then.

The rubberized bottom of the holder gives the stone a secure footing on your counter top or table without marring their surfaces, and brings the stone to a convenient working height. Finish the blade with a honing steel for that more perfect edge.

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