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Chef's Choice Electric Kettle For the task of boiling water, there's really no easier method than an electric kettle. You don't even need a kitchen. Just water and an electrical outlet.

Electric kettles have been a standard kitchen appliance in England for decades. They are finally catching on in the United States with many models now available. The nicest thing about these is how safely and foolproof they operate. Add water and switch on. When water boils, the unit switches off. This makes these ideal for use in settings where a stovetop burner is not available, such as the office or shop.

The Chef's Choice kettle is a cordless variety, meaning the kettle base plugs into an outlet while the kettle itself can be lifted off and carried about like a traditional tea kettle. For use the kettle is filled at the tap and set atop the base. Flip the switch and shortly the 1500-watt element heats the water to boiling, at which time the unit switches itself off. The lid opens with a pushbutton for filling, and the power switch is illuminated for easier spotting when the eyelids are still at half mast.

This stainless steel kettle has a plentiful 2-quart capacity. The oversized black handle provides a good grip and the whole unit operates smoothly. I keep going back and forth between this and my whistling stovetop kettle. While I love the convenience of the electric, it fails to remind me that I put it on to boil like my whistling kettle. So I am now shopping for an electric kettle that will shout at me from the kitchen when ready.

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