Chef’s Choice International Deluxe Tea Kettle

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Chef's Choice International Deluxe Tea KettleThis kettle from Chef's Choice blends classic teakettle looks with the latest convenience features, and plenty of wattage for speedy water boiling.

The cordless feature means that only the kettle base plugs into the wall. The kettle itself docks onto the base when in use, and can be lifted off at any time-- a genius idea when it first came out. Now, most all electric kettles offer this feature. This model eschews the more modern plastic styles in favor of all polished stainless steel. A winning look for traditionalists, just be certain that it is never confused for a traditional stovetop kettle by a house guest. Been there, done that. Still getting the burnt plastic smell out of the kitchen, thank you.

The kettle has a heating element safely contained under stainless steel, so it is not susceptible to scaling or corrosion as the exposed elements on older models. The 1,500-watt element will heat a full kettle in short order and then shut off when water boils. The unit also will shut off if it should overheat due to lack of water. The large handle promises to stay cool to the touch, and the cord wraps under the base to keep things tidy.

The only thing that doesn't impress me about this model is the price. With all the electric kettles to choose from these days, you can find many alternatives, some with more features, for less money.

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