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Electric Kettle Stainless Steel Cordless 675

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Chef's Choice International Hot Pot The Chef's Choice 675 Hot Pot is made from stainless steel with a mirror finish exterior. The interior has a brushed stainless finish. At fifteen hundred watts, the pot boils faster than a microwave to provide water for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soup or hot cereal. The pot lifts from the base for pouring without the trouble of a cord involved. The pouring spout has sieve holes to prevent items like tea bags from falling out of the pot and into your cup.

An automatic shut-off triggers when the water comes to a boil or if the pot becomes dry. The hinge of the lid opens only when a button on the handle is pressed. The power base stores the cord out of the way. The pot has a water level gauge and a one year warranty against defects. A hot pot is a great device for any location where you might want to provide hot beverages or water for instant foods.

People find the unit easy to fill and simple to clean because the heating element is concealed below the floor of the pot. However, ill fitting parts, auto shut off malfunctions, and spillage of hot water due to the design of the spout mean trouble for many. The idea of a hot pot is a good one, but it might be better to go with the Braun Aqua Express (it has a lime scale filter) or even the Chef's Choice 677 model, which appears to be better made.

Compare this with the Chef's Choice Cordless Kettle.

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