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Chef's Choice Krumkake Express Even before Ikea came to town, Scandinavian food was working its way into the restaurant scene. I imagine that twenty years ago, you weren't likely to find abel skivers on a menu at an American breakfast restaurant no matter how trendy they were. But things are changing. And what better way to keep up with those changes than impressing your dinner guests with a beautiful Krumkake dessert.

Of course, I must confess I have a weakness for pretty things. Normally, I don't think of food as pretty. Beautiful, yes. Pretty, not so much. But presentation is an important factor in cooking. And making a gorgeous Krumkake is a lot easier than you might imagine.

The Chef's Choice Krumkake express comes with a cookbook which includes Norwegian, Swedish, and German variations on krumkakes. All you need to do is whip up the batter and pour a scoop onto the decorative, nonstick surface, close the lid, and wait sixty seconds. You can select the color of your krumkake from golden to dark brown by adjusting the numbered dial setting which controls the temperature.

When the krumkake is cooked, roll the warm cake around the included plastic form, and the cake will harden into a crisp cone as it cools. In mere minutes, you have a beautiful and edible serving vessel for ice cream, mousse, fruit and whipped cream, or any other delicacy you deem worthy of the krumkake.

The unit has red and green indicator lights and a quick reheat time. It's easy to clean and stores upright to save space. It also comes with a one-year warranty against defects. This is a sweet treat in more ways than one.

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