Chef’s Choice Non Serrated Blade for Model 630, 632 Food Slicer

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Chef's Choice Non Serrated Blade forThe only mystery is why this fine edged (non serrated) blade doesn't come as standard equipment. In restaurant kitchens I've used nothing else.

Of course, for kitchen counter slicing machines the serrated edge does ease the load on the machine somewhat, especially if users are careful not to apply too much pressure when cutting. Only part of the serrated blade's cutting surface is in contact with the food, reducing the friction. That same intermittent contact can make problems if you want the thinnest cuts, with slices pressing into the hollows of the blade and coming out shredded, alternately being cut and torn by the serrations.

This blade is a useful accessory for a home machine, when you want paper thin slices of prosciutto ham instead of ham sprinkles. Don't discard the serrated version--in fact that's still the one you should use most often. Ease the load on your slicer when cutting thicker pieces and the motor will outlast the warranty.

Storage can be a problem. To keep the edge in good condition longer, wash and dry by hand. If you don't have a storage box, put the blade in a sleeve of folded (and taped, for safety) cardboard before laying the disc in the bottom of a drawer--the "envelope" will make it easier to pick up again. Pay attention, though, because this isn't something you should drop.

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