Chef’s Choice VariTilt Electric Food Slicer International Gourmet 632

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Chef's Choice VariTilt Electric FoodElectric food slicers within the price range of most home chefs are usually disappointing, at best good enough for occasional use by careful and tolerant owners. The Chef's Choice 632 is actually good enough to be a dependable part of your kitchen. Use it to slice bread, lettuce, cheese, and pare down meat to shaving thin deli style cuts.

A tiltable cutting tray makes the action even simpler; set to thirty degree tilt, and gravity keeps the food set against the blade as you push it through. This machine easily disassembles for cleaning, and unlike other models goes back together again without alignment issues.

The 7" diameter stainless steel cutting disc is smaller than the industrial models used in restaurants, but it's a good balance for the quiet 100 watt motor of this home version. The disassembled parts are not dishwasher safe, so be prepared for regular and thorough hand cleaning.

Cross contamination is always a possibility with these machines, used for everything from bread to onions and ham. If all you do is wipe down visible areas, you're ignoring the real problem that lives behind the blade. Every time you use the machine, break it down and go over it carefully.

Here's a non-serrated blade you can purchase separately for this model.

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