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Chef's Choice Waffle Cone Express 838 With the Chef's Choice Waffle Cone Express, you're two minutes away from a freshly made waffled sugar cone for ice cream. The nonstick waffle plates are seven inches across. The locking latch and overflow channel ensure consistent results. The unit offers instant temperature recovery, enabling you to make cone after cone without waiting. The color selection control lets you choose how brown you want the cone and how thoroughly you cook the batter. The Express comes with a cone rolling form, recipes, and a one year limited warranty.

Add the mouth watering caramel scent of fresh baked waffle cones to your afternoon treat or dessert menu. The aroma you remember from your local ice cream shop? That is the smell you'll produce when making your cones. With the quick recovery and short cook time, you can have a stack ready to fill in just a few minutes. The cleaning is as easy as a quick wipe. You can vary the recipe to create a cone just right for your occasion, including flavored and colored cone batters. More adventurous users make cones with a delicious flavored lining, as found in storebought treats. Chef's Choice also makes a cone holder with four adorable spiral arms for filling or presenting your treats.

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