Chef’s Choice WafflePro Classic

Belgian Waffle Maker Stainless 830B

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Chef's Choice WafflePro Classic Less than ninety seconds to a hot Belgian waffle? That's what the Chef's Choice WafflePro promises via eleven hundred watts of power. The quad baking system allows each waffle to be made to order, specifying the color, texture, flavor and aroma. A floating hinge preserves the thickness of your waffle. The finished waffles are six and a half inches, round, and quartered, so they can be divided easily. The overflow channel and nonstick plates can be wiped clean. A tone sounds when your waffle is ready. Cord storage is built in and the unit will store upright to save space. Recipes are included (in the manual) along with a one year warranty.

People have generally been pleased with the performance of the device, find it fast, easy to clean and more intuitive to use than other models. The Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker also has nonstick plates and compact storage, but is a more powerful machine, has deeper wells and makes a slightly larger waffle. If you want quick waffles, tailored preparation, and aren't a stickler on the thickness, the WafflePro will suit. If you want the pocket depth of a traditional Belgian waffle, the FlipSide would probably be a better choice.

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