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English Muffin Breakfast Bagel w/ Defrost, High Lift

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Chefscape Egg Toaster, Automatic 4"You get what you pay for" is a saying I've often used to reinforce any purchase that I didn't happen to find on a clearance shelf. If something's dirt cheap and it breaks, I don't feel so bad about any poor investment skills -- it's all about the bargain shopping "high."

That's not the case with this Chefscape Egg & Muffin Toaster. If you're lucky to find one in the bargain bin, great! Quit reading and jump on that opportunity. Otherwise, there are some considerations to keep in mind before choosing this model.

Good news is, this 4-slice Chefscape toaster comes with a lot more add-ons than most egg & toaster combo appliances out there. There are tons of attachments and trays in the box. What I like most are the custom egg cooker trays that are both round and square -- one less hassle when picking breads to go with your breakfast sandwich, since the eggs adapt to their respective molds when cooking. You can opt for an English muffin or bagel one day, then use slices of multigrain toast the next and have a "fitted" egg in the sandwich both ways.

Chefscape included the most desired toaster functions in this model as well: a bagel setting (which only toasts one side of the bread), defrosting capability, and high-lift handles. Another attachment holds up to 8 eggs in place for hard-boiling. The cord stores inside the black and brushed stainless machine, which is cool to the touch for added safety.

I want to say I like the versatility, but one thing's lacking when it comes to cooking both eggs and toast with the Chefscape. While it can cook eggs, toast, or both eggs and toast together, that last option can only be completed at the same exact time -- which dries out the toast despite the "keep warm" setting. You'd think the way to avoid this would be to pop in a piece of toast midway through the egg cycle, except that doesn't work. The eggs stop cooking, and all power switches to the toast cycle. If cooking simultaneously is an important feature for your next toaster, then take a look at the Back to Basics 4-slice Toaster & Egg Cooker. Its timing is the same as the Chefscape, but it gets higher marks for keeping toast at the right warmth while the eggs finish cooking.

Another thing to watch out for is the non-stick coating in the egg cooker. If not treated with caution and care, it will begin to chip and peel -- something that will influence flavors as well as raise health concerns.

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