Chestnut Roasting Pan by Paderno

Perforated for Roasted Nuts, Black Carbon 11 Inch

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Chestnut Roasting Pan by Paderno "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire" isn't a phrase that frequently enters my mind during the summertime. Roasted chestnuts come with memories of winter holidays, hot cider by the fireplace, and Nat King Cole.

But in many other cultures, roasted chestnuts are a street food staple. In Portugal, for example, roasted chestnuts are an integral part of the national holiday of St. Martin's Day, which celebrates the year's new wine.

This pan by Paderno makes it possible to enjoy roasted chestnuts year-round. It can be used by a bonfire, over the fire pit, fireplace, or on the stovetop -- quite versatile. The carbon steel construction makes it an excellent conductor of heat, and it's safe to use with very high temperatures. Over time, it will also season naturally to become non-stick, like a cast iron pan.

To get an authentic flavor, score the chestnuts before roasting by carving an "X" on the shell, then add sea salt and toss frequently over the heat. The nuts will steam through the scoring and turn black when ready to eat. An easy way to score the nuts is to use a pair of strong, sharp kitchen shears instead of a knife.

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