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Chicago Cutlery Landmark Knife Set Although this is a practical knife set, it does have a few faults. The selection of knives is good, with a bread slicer, carving knife and chef's knife at the top end--enough to handle most of the heavy work-- while a utility knife and two paring knives cover the light side. Also included are four steak knives in the same distinctive pattern, and a sharpening steel.

Finishing touches are lacking here. The large blades look rough, still showing the striations of what in most companies is not the final grinding stage. If you do stop at this point you have a knife that doesn't look as good or cut as smoothly as a polished blade. Can a chef tell the difference in efficiency? Yes.

The knife block, constructed of laminated hardwood, with slots lined with plastic sheaths and a stainless steel top plate, is of good quality--but those extra sheaths and plates can cause problems. Wood is absorbent, and a little moisture on a steel blade is usually harmlessly wicked away by the block. With even a partial sheath, the moisture tends to be trapped between the blade and the plastic liner. That means rust, and sometimes even mold. Moisture can also be trapped under the top plate, so be sure you wipe the knives clean and dry before placing them back in the block.

Chicago Cutlery has done the right thing by stating flatly that the knives in this set are not dishwasher safe. Modern stainless steel will rust slightly if put away wet, and spots even more quickly in the drying cycle of a dishwasher. Chicago Cutlery makes it clear that this set is to be washed and dried by hand, not in a machine, and those who follow those directions have no problems with spotting or rust.

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