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Kitchen Full Tang Cutlery 18 Piece

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Chicago Insignia2 Knife Block Set Chicago Cutlery's Insignia2 18 piece knife block set includes all the essential knives for the home kitchen plus 8 steak knives, a pair of easily cleaned kitchen shears, and a massive hardwood knife block with a built in slot style knife sharpener. The construction of the Insignia2 is functional and clean, with full width tang handles, riveted polymer handle slabs, and forged bolsters and blades. For people accustomed to the feel of older knife patterns, these knives will be very familiar.

When Chicago Cutlery talks about the delicate taper grind of these blades I wonder if it's the same Chicago Cutlery I know--but looking more closely I do see that it is. These knives aren't delicately made. There's more steel here than you really need in a kitchen knife. Judging from the reports of customers familiar with Chicago's older products, there apparently are some fundamental differences in this newer product line. The edges have a tendency to roll, indicating that the company may have modernized the grind without upgrading the steel. A sharpening steel will be of help in maintaining the edge--running them through only the block's built-in sharpener may remove too much metal.

The stainless steel alloy in this set is recommended for hand washing only and may rust if left in water to soak or if run through a dishwasher. Neither of those methods is necessary for the simple cleanup required. Handle builds are sometimes a little rough, but solid and sanitary. Most buyers are satisfied, but the slight design changes in the Insignia2 mean that owners need to show these good blades a little extra care.

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