Chicago Metallic Gourmetware Cupcake Sheet

Lift and Serve Sweetheart Pan

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Chicago Metallic Gourmetware CupcakeChicago Metallic has a long history providing commercial bakeware for the foodservice industry, including many specialty pans. This Sweetheart Pan is sized for the home oven, and can make a full dozen heart-shaped confections.

The pan is constructed from a heavy grade aluminized steel, which is said to ensure even heating as well as a long life of use in your kitchen. It's coated with a proprietary non-stick finish with the added feature of removable bottoms to all the molds. This aids considerably in the removal of baked items from the pan, as the bottom is always the trouble spot with small cakes and brownies.

It is recommended to always remove items from this pan as soon as possible after cooking. If they are allowed to cool in the pan, the steam released will permeate the non-stick finish and make removal more difficult. Also, minimize the contact with soap and water, believe it or not, as it can shorten the useful life of this pan and the non-stick finish. The company recommends wiping thoroughly after use with a damp cloth, and never soaking the pan.

If you follow the instructions, you will have a specialty pan that gets better with age, and is ready year after year for those Valentine's Day treats, whether they be cupcakes, cheesecakes, or even tiny heart-shaped quiches or other savory items.

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