Chroma Type 301 F.A. Porsche Tomato Knife

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Chroma Type 301 F.A. Porsche TomatoThis special purpose serrated knife from Chroma Cutlery applies the award winning design of F. A. Porsche to the task of slicing tomatoes. This is the most delicate knife in the Type 301 product line, with a forked tip intended for spearing the juicy slices of ripe tomatoes and placing them on plate or sandwich. The 301 alloy steel is very sharp and hard, so the tines of the fork are at risk of being damaged if overstressed. This knife can be used for other kitchen work, but you'll need to remember those tines will snap. It excels as a sandwich knife both for prepping the veggies and halving the sandwich cleanly without crushing the structure.

Storage will also be especially important with this particular knife--Chroma states these knives should only be stored in wooden knife blocks, and even specifies what kind.

The serrated edge of this tomato knife will keep its edge for a long time, but when it does need resharpening you'll need to return it to the factory for that work. If you follow directions provided and do not use it on any cutting surface other than wood or plastic it should keep that edge well beyond the six months expected from Chroma's plain edge knives.

Chroma's tomato knife has the same unique ergonomic dovetail handle as the others in the 301 line, with a stainless steel pearl marking the juncture between blade and handle alloys, and serving as an effective but minimalist bolster.

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