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Chroma Type 301 Porsche Carving Knife Intended specifically for carving roasts, ham, poultry and other cooked meats, this 8 inch carving knife from Chroma fits in perfectly either at the dining table or in the kitchen, with style and functionality designed for either one. Winner of several awards for design, the Chroma 301 series by F. A. Porsche makes some unique changes in both handle and blade and creates something a cut above the norm.

The handle, which strikes many people as awkward at first sight, fits easily to the hand with a wide dovetail horizontal flare that blends into a second vertical section that provides a comfortable and secure grip for the fingers. A small metal pearl performs as a bolster without the usual bulk and weight. The 18/10 stainless steel of the handle seamlessly joins with the 301 alloy of the blade. This 301 steel has especially good edge retention ability but is also easily sharpened.

In this case, it's the edge retention that counts, because the serrated blades in the 301 line have to be returned to the factory for resharpening. That won't be necessary very often, because even the every day blades are supposed to keep a razor edge for up to six months of normal use.

For this special knife, use special care--only cut on wood or plastic cutting boards, wash and dry the knife by hand, and don't use this stout serrated carving knife to saw through bones or frozen food.

Add this Chroma 301 Pastry Knife, and your serving set is good to go.

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