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Under Kitchen Cabinet Storage

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Clear Solutions Cookbook Holder Cookbook holders can be a real asset in the kitchen, especially ones that help to shield the cookbook from getting dirty such as this version.

This under cabinet style cookbook holder is robust, made from American maple, with metal hardware and an acrylic splatter shield which also helps keep the pages flat while in use. To turn the pages, you just flip down the hinged shield.

The convenience of this is that it mounts in such a way that it flips up and out of sight until you need it. Then you just pull it down, insert your cookbook and go. Mounting is pretty straight forward, although an extra hand to hold it in place while you screw it in helps considerably.

The trick here is to make sure ahead of time that you have the required space under one of your kitchen cabinets for mounting the unit. Most standard cabinet sizes will accommodate this, although for me the issue was more the space on the counter beneath the cabinet. I had to move my toaster aside in order to mount this cookbook holder, and then I had to move it again to use this for my cookbook. So, as handy as this is, you still give up some counter space for it.

The other concern is cookbook size. This will fit a cookbook as tall and wide as a magazine, and maybe two to three inches thick. That excludes more than half of my cookbooks, the ones that really need help staying open and out of the way when I'm using them. So keeping that in mind, this is a well made device manufactured in the U.S. that could be just the thing for your kitchen.

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