CorningWare Kitchen Bakeware Set

French White Market 6 Piece

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CorningWare Kitchen Bakeware Set What I like about CorningWare is that it's designed to be used for preparing, baking, and serving at the table. (So you're really getting three dishes in one with each piece.)

These CorningWare dishes are indispensable?-they are among the most versatile kitchen pieces you can buy. I use them as both casserole dishes and bowls. This 6-piece set is really just two dishes with four lids. The glass lids are for baking and serving, and the plastic lids are for storing. The plastic lids are a bit snug. You'll have to wrestle them onto the dishes but they'll loosen up over time. (I had the same issue with my Pyrex storage set lids at first.)

I've always had no problems cleaning my CorningWare. And I've never had problems with staining either. But I have scratched my CorningWare. So always use plastic, wooden or nylon utensils on CorningWare bakeware?don't go scraping around for leftovers with a metal spoon or you'll end up with grey scratch marks.

This bakeware looks so beautiful on the table, too. Very chic. (You can never go wrong with white serving ware, can you?) I use them all the time for non-baked items like salads, pasta, fruit, and even popcorn.

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