Cuisinart Digital Automatic Coffee Maker, White

Programmable w/ Water Filter, 12 Cup DCC-1100

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Cuisinart 12 Cup Coffee Maker Cuisinart's DCC-1100 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemake offers 24 hour programmability plus settings for 1 to 4 cups of brew. Programming and use is not self explanatory, however, and you'll find the manual essential until you're accustomed to the system.

The DCC-1100 does have water filtration and a warning light which flashes when calcium buildup reaches critical levels. Calcium removal is not automatic and requires filling the system with a vinegar and water solution overnight.

The unit itself is good looking and easy to fill, and the pot is non-drip with a knuckle safe handle that keeps your fingers off the pot. Those should be standard on every coffeemaker and aren't that unusual to find.

Although it's a good coffeemaker, there are some features missing that I'd like to see included. There's no warming plate beneath the pot, so you'll either drink this brew hot right now, or you'll drink it cold later. Another issue is the minimal sixty-second memory which is all that stands between you and no morning coffee when you wake up. If the power goes out for more than sixty seconds while you're sleeping, the coffeemaker wil clear its setting. Should that happen, you'll have to reprogram the onboard computer before you get coffee..

The three-year warranty covers replacement of any defective units, although owners are required to pay return shipping costs. The DCC-1100 has a good reliability history.

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