Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Cake Pan

Kitchen Aluminum Nonstick Bakeware 13 by 9

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Cuisinart Chef's Classic Cake Pan Heavy duty nonstick cookware isn't just for the stovetop anymore. Cuisinart has come to the rescue with a line of bakeware pans that promise to take whatever you can dish out...of them.

This cake pan is the classic size for most cake recipes, and just right for cornbread and carrot cake as well, my personal favorites. It is manufactured from aluminized steel. This is meant to improve corrosion resistance and reduce the weight of the pan. We've all had cake pans that have warped in the hot oven before. This pan has extra-thick rolled rims meant to prevent that sad condition.

Completing the picture is the nonstick coating. A product called "Whitford Xylan" is applied to the inside and the outside of the pan, and a little research taught me that this product was originally formulated to protect metal parts on offshore equipment subjected to the harsh sea and toxic chemicals. Wow, I think it should handle a batch of brownies like a champ!

These pans are advertised as dishwasher safe, although with the nonstick finish a quick wash in the sink should be sufficient to get them clean. The one spot where I always notice corrosion begin is those rolled edges. They trap moisture and of course the least protected metal edge is in there. My trick is to quickly wash out the pan then put it back into the still hot oven to bake it dry. It's worked pretty well so far for my pans.

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