Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Roasting Pan Set w/ Rack

3 Piece Stainless Steel 16 Inch

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Cuisinart Chef's Classic Roasting PanThe reasons to buy this set extend beyond the quality pan and into the extras included along with it: a stainless rack, two roasting lifters, and a thermometer. The rack is nicely shaped to support meat, allowing fat to drip into the bottom of the pan and air to circulate as your food cooks. This pan is sized to hold large items for roasting; prepare a load of potatoes and carrots along with your roast, turkey or chicken.

The mirrored stainless steel interior and exterior are equal to the task of serving your dish in style. Metal utensils can be used with the pan, but may scratch the surface. The handles do add to the length of the pan, meaning that the sixteen inch clearance is actually over twenty. The tapered rim enables you to pour without drips and spills, great for when you make a gravy and don't need the accompanying grease trail.

The stainless steel won't react with foods to alter their original flavor. Sauce and gravy can be made right inside using drippings from the meat. Because the pan can be used on the stovetop, in the oven, or under the broiler, you can brown and bake in the same pan, even store in the freezer. For cleaning, it is dishwasher safe.

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