Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Round Grill Pan

Nonstick Hard Anodized 12 Inch

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Cuisinart Chef's Classic Round GrillThe Cuisinart is a high quality grill pan made even better by the ability to use any type of tool on the nonstick surface. I am as guilty as anyone about occasionally having nothing at hand but a fork or metal spatula and I risk using one, even though I know better, on other nonstick pans. We do what is convenient. This relieves me of the guilt.

People frequently argue about the best choice in the size of a pan. I believe that it is better to go a little too big than to find your choice a bit too small. I like some elbow room in there so that ingredients can be turned and every item can have good contact with the surface. We have a small household with hearty appetites and I can't imagine using anything less than a twelve inch.

The pan is made to handle well. It doesn't require weight to cook thoroughly using this type of construction and materials. You simply aren't going to get the same grill marks from a pan that you can on an actual grill, but you get a good likeness and you get it with nice balance and features (like the drip free, tapered rim) that enhance the pan's use.

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