Cuisinart Kitchen Cookware, Classic Set of 10

Aluminum & Stainless Steel 89-10AZ

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Cuisinart Classic Cookware Set In the Cuisinart Classic Stainless set, the mirror polish finish of the 18/10 stainless steel really shines brightly. The cooking surface of this line is also stainless steel, which won't react with food, or stain or trap flavors and aromas either. The aluminum encapsulated base of each pan draws heat in and spreads it across the pan surface for even application without hot spots.

The pan rims are tapered, meant to end spills while pouring. The stainless steel handles are hollow, vented, and stay cool on the stove. The glass lids fit tightly, holding in moisture, flavor, and nutrients. The handles on the lids are set with a high arch, keeping your hands safely away from any heat. This set is safe for the freezer, broiler, or stovetop, and oven safe to 550 degrees. These pans can be sent through the dishwasher for ease in cleaning.

The set includes one, two and three quart saucepans and lids, eight and ten inch skillets, and an eight quart stockpot with lid. This would prove an excellent all around collection for family use, especially if you like to display your cookware. Stainless steel is known to clean as easily as nonstick cookware with a bit of soaking for any stubborn foods.

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