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Cuisinart Coffee Grind and Brew I can see how this contraption seemed like a good idea. Why not combine the coffee bean grinder and brewing components into one awesome machine? What coffee drinker wouldn't bow down to this mighty creation? Add the ability to set the timer so it grinds and brews in the wee hours of the morning like a tiny coffee robot so you can wake up to a fresh cup of joe, and it would follow that this coffee maker would have legions of followers, right?

Unfortunately this machine requires a lot of cleaning. I don't know if it's just this brand/model or if all grind-and brew machines suffer from this defect. But the coffee bean grinder is directly above pot so the steam from the coffee gets into the grinder area and you end up with a sludgy mess that you have to clean between every pot of coffee. Plus, there is the chute that leads from the grinder to the filter and you have to clean that pretty often or else coffee gets jammed up in there.

And be careful when you pour the water into this machine because if you spill you'll end up with water in the grinder, which ends up in chute, and then you're back to cleaning again. Also, if I may gripe about one more thing, the carafe pours weird, leaking coffee everywhere. For a while, you think it's you: if only you could pour slower, or faster, or somehow differently. In the case of this coffee grinder, it's not you. The carafe is just poorly designed.

Pros? It's very shiny, I'll give it that. It's darned attractive. Almost attractive enough for you to overlook its flaws. And if you are willing to go through this cleaning regimen just to have that fresh cup of brew in the morning, maybe it's worth all the other leaky-carafe problems. But be warned: If you unplug this thing to clean it, then you will have to reset the clock and the timer to use it again. And if you don't unplug it, it will beep at you the entire time you're cleaning it because a part is out of place. It's too much aggravation for a cup of coffee.

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