Cuisinart Coffee On Demand

12 Cup Coffee Maker Programmable DCC-2000

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The idea of brewing coffee into a dispenser, then drawing it off into a cup is certainly not a new one. In fact the method is older than the coffeepot. (See coffee urn.) Still, this style of coffeemaker is all the rage lately with java junkies.

The Cuisinart Coffee-on-Demand has the features necessary to replace your oh so passe carafe coffeemaker. It has a 12-cup capacity heated reservoir with a dual layer wall meant to keep the coffee from getting that burnt flavor after brewing. There is a 24 hour programmable timer and clock, and a coffee gauge to keep track of how many cups remain in the unit.

No breakable carafe is a plus, however if you ever fill up a travel mug in the morning like I do, you'll have to fill up a cup and pour it from there as tall mugs will not fit underneath the dispenser. For me that's a deal breaker already. The unit is not unattractive, in a brushed steel robot-head sort of way. For the novelty alone this would be a fun alternative coffeemaker to use. You have to supply your own vessel to fill it with water, since of course... There Is No Carafe.

There have been quite a few complaints concerning the longevity of the electronic components on this machine. Some folks have just had it quit on them after a period of months, and this sounds like a problem that Cuisinart is aware of, as they have replaced many of these no questions asked. As often happens the machine is quietly upgraded and newer models lack the problems of earlier versions. Just be aware.

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