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Automatic Die Cast DCO-24

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Cuisinart Electric Can Opener This heavy die cast metal (with plastic back) electric can opener from Cuisinart is now discontinued from their product line, but still is backed by a limited three year warranty. Operation is simpler than it seems, and that has been a frequent source of trouble for owners.

Designed for hands-off operation, this countertop machine has a powerful motor and a tall, heavy base. Ideally, if you insert a can and lower the blade into position, the machine will automatically make a neat turn around the can and shut off, catching the lid with its magnetic arm.

I blame the manual for this machine's checkered reputation, and if you read it you'll know why. We all know how to use can openers, expecting to press the can against the blade, hold it securely, and jam that handle down. With this machine it's just an easy placement, not well explained in the manual, and not obvious. Part of the cutting arm is plastic, not metal, and if you get frustrated with the machine, it's easy to break.

As with any can opener, the blades will dull. Many have reported problems after six months of use. Replacement blades should still be available, but with discontinued items that's always a gamble. Regular cleaning and lubrication of the gears is also important -- a quick wipe down is not enough, and should be followed up with a drop or two of mineral oil on the bearings.

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