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Cuisinart Food Processor Attachment The Cuisinart Food Processor Attachment fits the Cuisinart stand mixer and provides a three cup capacity bowl with a large feed tube to fit all your food selections. With the stainless steel blade, you can chop, puree, or mix. The included reversible slicing/shredding disc can be used to slice veggies and shred cheese. The unit connects to the high speed power outlet on the Cuisinart stand mixer. This item comes with an instruction book, a recipe book, and a three year limited warranty.

The food processor accessory really provides the benefit of several small appliances in one. Even better, you only need to store one attachment. The work bowl is clear, allowing you to monitor the progress inside, and the top locks in place for security. All parts are safe for the top rack of the dishwasher (except the gearbox collar). The work bowl is not safe for microwave use.

Expand the potential uses of your Cuisinart stand mixer by adding this valuable attachment and take the drudgery out of many of the more time consuming chores that come with handling food. Do a job in seconds that would have taken you far longer by hand and enjoy consistent slices, complete blending, and a thorough chopping of your ingredients.

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