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Kitchen 14 Cup Brushed Stainless Steel DFP-14BCN

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Cuisinart Food Processor This is the latest incarnation of the flagship food processor from Cuisinart. No streamlined euro-looks, no sophisticated controls, just a beefy food processing machine, now wearing a new suit of brushed stainless steel.

I believe the reason this model of food processor is still so popular is because Cuisinart gained our trust since pioneering this machine back in the 70's. It has a long history of quality and dependability, and when many customers wish to upgrade and replace their aging machine they often look for the model that most closely emulates it, rather than a souped up high tech alternative.

The 720-watt motor puts this among the top of its class for power in non-commercial food processors, and the large lexan work bowl (14 cups) can process a big batch of shredded or chopped veggies, or a superbowl party-size bowl of salsa. Just the basic two buttons for control- ON and OFF/PULSE. This comes with an assortment of attachment blades for slicing, chopping and shredding operation plus a dough blade for mixing and kneading up to three pounds of dough. Cuisinart is proud to advertise the largest feed tube on the market for these processors. It's nice that they include a non-feed tube lid as well for mixing and chopping duties that don't require it.

All the components disassemble for easy cleaning by hand or in the dishwasher. This model also includes an instructional video that talks you through the basics of food processing, as well as a plastic spatula and food processor recipe book.

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