Cuisinart Green Gourmet Skillet

Hard Anodized Eco Friendly Nonstick 12 Inch GG22-30H

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Cuisinart Green Gourmet Skillet Cuisinart took their eco friendly title seriously in all aspects of the development of this product. The handle is made from 70 percent recycled stainless steel and it stays cool during stovetop use. The aluminum alloy encapsulated base conducts heat efficiently and needs less energy to reach and sustain the proper cooking temperature. The Ceramica nonstick surface is petroleum, PTFE and PFOA free. It is applied at half the temperature of other nonstick surfaces, again reducing energy consumption. Even the packaging reflects an environmentally responsible outlook, made from 100 percent recycled materials and printed with soy ink.

If you're concerned about the environment and what goes into your body, these pans are a great option, leading the way toward a more aware and responsible way of cooking, shopping, and living. The exteriors are brilliant stainless steel and are thermally highly effective. These pans work with induction cooktops and are safe for the oven and broiler. The interiors are resistant to scratching and peeling. Nonstick allows you to cook with less fat and oil, a healthier choice which decreases consumption. If you like the performance of the skillet, Cuisinart offers an entire line of Green Gourmet cookware in sets and as individual pieces.

If you're merely in the market for a non-stick, hard anodized skillet, check out the Cuisinart Chef's Classic skillet.

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