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Cuisinart Griddler Combo Grill I like that instead of one large surface which has the potential to suffer hot spots, the combo is split in two and has separate heat controls. Not only should this help with consistent heating, but it will be far easier to cook two types of food at one time without having to sacrifice quality.

It is possible to both grill and griddle cook at the same time, a very convenient feature and another reason those dual controls are a fantastic idea. The clips which secure the plates on this model appear to perform much better than those of competitors. It helps that the plates don't have to fight gravity to sit properly.

The drip tray on the Griddler Combo sits precisely where food is most likely to spill- between the plates. That is a wonderful way of turning a potentially serious negative into a positive. Some people have trouble with eggs because of this construction, but I believe there are ways around that with a little experimentation and a slightly higher heat.

Please note that the handles are not cool during cooking and that the appliance should be allowed to fully cool before cleaning. Since most of the product is dishwasher safe, this shouldn't create more work. Altogether, this is a well designed and well thought out item, another win for Cuisinart.

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