Cuisinart Griddler Express Contact Grill Panini Press GR-2

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Cuisinart Griddler Express ContactWith the temperature control settings included on the Griddler Express, you needn't worry about unplugging the unit between uses, as is necessary with the DeLonghi Retro Panini Grill. The unit is well sized and the indicator light lets you know when it is ready to cook.

Even though the plates are not removable, this is not a negative. The cleanup is as easy, if not more so, than that of removable plate models. In fact, with all of the trouble that accompanies the clip in plate systems, I'd much rather have a plate I know is solidly affixed and not likely to fall out onto my hand while smoking hot.

The Griddler Express doesn't have the slope of other grills and comes with a raised lip on the bottom plate, so your food is not going to slide out the front when you turn your back. The user guide has a number of interesting recipes, mainly aimed toward the hot panini style sandwich.

A bit of extra care is needed in two areas. You'll want to watch closely over the first few uses as it cooks more quickly than you may be used to. Secondly, the only small hassle comes from the detached grease cup. Because it isn't part of the machine, if you bump the unit as you cook, the cup can slide away from the spout- a minuscule issue on a very well made product.

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