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Cuisinart Handy Prep Food Processor If you doubt at all the speed and ability of a food processor, try a little race at home. Time yourself slicing, chopping, or shredding with your best knife, and then run the same item through the Cuisinart. Not only is it faster, you will notice that the pieces come out uniformly sized and attractive. Thoughtful features abound, like a small hole in the pusher which allows you to drizzle liquids in slowly for homemade mayo and sauces.

The Handy Prep is small enough to keep out on the counter and not be in the way. Don't let the small size fool you though; this machine is tough enough to knead dough or whip up a pie crust. Use light pressure with a cold cheese to grate and shred. If you have never had freshly ground nut butter, you are missing a taste treat. Add your favorite nuts and grind your own for sandwiches, spreads, or to add to recipes.

I try whenever possible to store all of the pieces of the processor together, including the blades. I tend to drop mine inside the work bowl so I can locate them easily, but if you have children or tend to reach without looking, you may want to isolate the blades in a drawer by themselves or wrap them individually, as they are razor sharp.

For larger portions, Cuisinart makes a 14-cup food processor as well.

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