Cuisinart Mix-It-In Ice Cream Maker

Automatic Soft Serve 1 1/2 Quart ICE-45

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Cuisinart Mix-It-In Ice Cream Maker Cuisinart introduces a fully automatic soft serve ice cream maker with the Ice-45. All you need to do to make rich, delicious ice cream is pour in the ingredients and turn a dial. There is no longer a need for salt, ice, or chemicals. Make up to a quart and a half of soft serve in twenty minutes. The unit also dispenses up to three condiments with built in containers mounted on one side. It offers a cone holder, a double insulated freezer bowl, and a three year limited warranty. The Ice-45 has removable parts for cleaning that is as easy as the making of the ice cream itself. Recipes included.

Create not just soft serve ice cream- you can make sherbet, sorbet, and yogurt with this Cuisinart model. The ice cream is dispensed with a simple pull lever (or choose to scoop it from the container) and the dispensers offer pull-tab access to fun toppings for your creations. A drip tray catches any spills and the feet of the machine keep it in place. The best part is that you get to choose what goes into your icy treats.

People have had some problems with soupy ice cream, usually just a matter of getting to know the machine and the length of time to freeze the bowl (it can take up a bit of room in the freezer). The kids will be thrilled about ice cream they can serve themselves. You'll like the professional look to the machine- and the delicious treats it will provide.

Also see the Cuisinart Supreme ice cream maker, capable of making back-to-back recipes.

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