Cuisinart Multi Purpose Pot w/ Glass Lid

Chef’s Classic Cookware Bowl, Stainless Steel

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Cuisinart Multi Purpose Pot w/ GlassThis Cuisinart Multi-Purpose Pot follows the streamlined stainless steel look of the Chef's Classic product line. It has a modern, minimalist design and is just as functional as the rest of the set -- maybe even replacing a few pots & pans altogether.

The large bowl-shaped pan can be used for countless recipes: soups, pasta, roasts, layered casseroles, desserts, etc. There's not much it can't do. My favorite feature? Cuisinart says this pan is safe to use in extreme temperatures, both hot and cold extremes. You can put it in a 550-degree oven (Fahrenheit) and later use it for storing leftovers in the freezer. Not all cookware is safe to use with temperatures that high. It also comes with a fitted lid and features strong double loop helper handles.

As with Cuisinart's other stainless steel cookware products, the Multi-Purpose Pot won't stain or react with foods. Its aluminum base distributes heat quickly and evenly across the surface. Care is easy, too, because the pan is dishwasher safe.

Over time, you may start to notice small discolorations on the bottom surface. These are typically small in size and would be matched with the most repetitive, hottest source of direct heat, especially if you frequently cook on the stovetop higher than medium heat. It doesn't affect the pan's functionality, though.

There are dozens of cookware options that match this pan in the Chef's Classic product line. For starters, take a look at the Cuisinart Double Boiler Insert.

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