Cuisinart PowerBlend Kitchen Set

Duet Food Processor w/ Blender BFP-10CH

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Cuisinart PowerBlend Kitchen Set If nothing else, the Cuisinart PowerBlend Duet Blender and Food Processor looks sharp. Its chrome base sparkles.

How long that polished chrome will shine depends entirely on how often you use the machine, And, of course, how often you wipe clean the chrome base and its easy-to-use LED indicator.

But it is easy to clean. And the removable parts (i.e. the 56-ounce glass jar with pour spout) are all dishwasher-safe. So it has that going for it, as well.

Perhaps the PowerBlend Duet's greatest asset is its versatility. The blender has seven pre-programmed speeds: pulse, stir, mix, puree, chop, liquefy, and crush ice. It also comes with a 3-cup food processor attachment with a feed tube, pusher, slicing/shredding disc, and chopping blade.

A heavy-duty, 500 watt motor provides the power, and the cyclonic blending action provides quick, consistent results. With its push-in cord storage, you can easily keep this 7 by 8 by 15 inch appliance on your counter and still have a tidy kitchen. And an instruction manual with recipes comes included along with a 3-year limited warranty.

But how does it compare with the competition, you might wonder? Well, with the Cuisinart BFP-10CH, you get an easy to use, easy to clean, Blender/Food Processor, with a limited three-year warranty. Or for a little more, you could get the KitchenAid KSB560OB 5-speed blender with its more durable polycarbonate jar, patented stainless steel blades, and .9 horsepower motor. But then, you wouldn't get the food processing attachment and you'd have a 1-year hassle-free replacement warranty versus the Cuisinart's 3-year limited warranty.

Power versus security? Durability versus versatility? It's up to you.

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