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Cuisinart Pro Custom Food Processor Cuisinart, the originator of the modern food processor, has so many different models of the same machine available today, they need someone in marketing to just say "enough already!" Currently there are more than twelve varieties available on their website.

Case in point, this model -- the Pro Custom 11. The style hearkens back to the original food processor that wowed the crowds back in the 1970's. Square in shape and simple to operate with just an on switch and a pulse button. The complete blade assortment and two lids: one featuring an extra large feeder tube (Whole potatoes fit!) and one sans feeder tube for liquid mixing operations and dough processing. Don't look for any high-tech touchpad stainless steel gadgetry here. This thing is old school.

There are folks today still using, and loving, the original model that this version emulates. That means there are Cuisinart Food Processors over 25 years old still in operation. Sad to say, this is not that legendary machine. Once upon a time quality was king at Cuisinart but nowadays that crown is worn by a little monkey called profit. The reports are in and while some buyers of this model are content with it, many others decry the less than adequate motor power and the overall poor quality of the blades and fit of the parts. I believe you may find better choices for food processors in this price range. There are plenty to choose from these days.

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