Cuisinart Rice Cooker w/ Steamer

Stainless Steel 4 Cup CRC-400

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Cuisinart Rice Cooker w/ Steamer This highly functional smaller unit is perfect for anyone who needs to make smaller batches of rice or to make fresh rice on a frequent
basis. The nicest feature is the included steaming basket. It allows items to cook more gently and expands on the possibilities for the pot. Everything except the base is dishwasher safe.

I must say the look is a bit retro for my taste, but I like that the features are pared down to the basics. A Zojirushi is great if you need
help creating precise specialty rice, but if you're like me and can adjust your own liquid-to-rice ratios, there isn't necessarily a need for all the extra features and cost.

A rice cooker can be used for far more occasions than just to prepare rice. It makes a handy steamer for vegetables, prepares other grains, and can cook seafood and eggs. Cuisinart really goes out of their way to be sure you get the maximum use from their product, loading the user manual with recipes, suggestions, and tips, many of which are quite creative. They try to show that the cooker is able to prepare a whole meal, just as a crock pot can.

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