Cuisinart SmartStick Hand Held Blender

Model CSB-76

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Cuisinart SmartStick Hand Held BlenderThe immersion blender may seem like one of those specialty tools that the average cook doesn't have a need for. Trust me, once you use one in the kitchen you will be hooked, and finding more uses for it all the time. Can't say that about the banana holder from last Christmas.

Larger versions of these have been used in restaurants for years, and it appears they are becoming quite popular for the home chef, by the number of models available these days. This is a fine example of the genre. Powerful motor, solidly built and very easy to clean due to the removable blade section. This type of tool can be used for virtually anything you would put into a regular blender, the convenience being you can puree soup or gravy right in the pot, or make smoothies and blended drinks in a tumbler.

Only a couple of downsides to this model. It has only one speed - high - which takes a bit of getting used to. You'll quickly learn that pressing the button in short bursts keeps your kitchen walls cleaner. The other minor complaint is more about these blenders in general. They recommend you store this standing on your counter, upright in its mixing beaker. Being top heavy however, it is prone to falling over when bumped. Usually into the butter. My solution would be some type of holder that attached to the wall. The blender could clip onto it when not in use. Just a thought, keeping in mind that I am clumsier than most.

Regardless, this is something that every cook should have in their arsenal of tools. Just keep it away from the butter dish.

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