Cuisinart Stand Mixer Citrus Juicer Attachment SM-CJ

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Cuisinart Stand Mixer Citrus JuicerI have very mixed feelings about the Cuisinart Citrus Juicer Attachment. My main reservation stems from the fact that it has limited versatility. The attachments Cuisinart offers for its mixers truly add value and extend the usefulness of the machine, but they only work on Cuisinart stand mixers (four of those models).

The reason to own a powered juicer of this type is so that you don't have to manually work the fruit across the reamer. With the power of the mixer behind it, and the sixteen ounces the pitcher can contain, there is the potential to very quickly make a decently sized batch of juice. If I didn't make fresh juice daily or in quantity, I'd be tempted to choose another way, concerned that if I changed models or brands, this juicer would no longer be functional.

One advantage of having a juicer powered by your stand mixer is to save the space and hassle of owning and storing another appliance, but the attachment itself is the size of many electric reamers. I believe it would be better to go with a stand alone option or manual reamer rather than this particular product. Other juicers offer many extra features, such as measure markings, double strainers, funky shapes and colors. High or low tech, they are nearly all more compact and inexpensive than this single attachment.

If you don't have a stand mixer, this electric citrus juicer works just as well.

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