Cuisinart Traditional Waffle Iron

Stainless Steel 6 Slice Model WAF-6

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Cuisinart Traditional Waffle Iron This is an okay waffle maker. Not bad. Not extraordinary. Just okay.

I guess I'm a fan of the Belgian-style waffle makers-- whether you are making Belgian waffles or not. Maybe I just have a heavy hand with the waffle batter, but when I use a regular (non Belgian) waffle maker, the batter ends up oozing all over the waffle maker and the counter. And with this model, the control knob is squarely on the front of the waffle maker, so you need a toothpick just to dig the batter bits out from underneath the knob.

It's just not deep enough. It has a side catch for batter that oozes over but it's not enough. The result is just ridiculously messy. Batter in every little nook! The Belgian waffle makers have more generous spill troughs. And they are just deeper in general.

Looking online I found a lot of users who have special techniques for using this so that it doesn't overflow and make a mess. If I'm spending this much money I don't want to have to perfect some special technique. I expect it to be a bit more effortless.

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