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Automatic Stainless Steel Mugs TTG-500

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Cuisinart Two to Go Coffee Maker There are several single brew coffee makers on the market. It seems a lonely life. And Cuisinart's TTG-500 is not much better. This isn't to say that the Cuisinart Two-to-Go Coffeemaker isn't a well made machine. It offers a lot of perks.

With the Two-to-Go Coffeemaker, you can brew directly into one or two 14-ounce travel mugs-- which means less dishes to wash. The stainless steel mugs that come with the TTG-500 coffee maker have rubber, non-slip grips and will fit into most vehicle cup holders.

Other bonuses include automatic shut off for safety and dishwasher-safe mugs and lids. So, in terms of quality, the Cuisinart Two-to-Go Coffeemaker gets a gold star. But in terms of the idea behind the machine, the Two-to-Go Coffeemaker comes up short.

There are certainly times when less is more, but this is not one of them. Do you really want less time to enjoy your morning coffee? Do you want to share that after dinner decaf with fewer guests? Do you need another kitchen appliance that offers only one limited function?

If you live by yourself, if you intend to never invite more than one friend over, if you work more than sixty hours a week and just plain don't have time, then maybe this item is for you. But again, that sounds like a lonely life to me.

Coffee for just one is made simpler by the Phillips Senseo coffee pod machine.

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